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Longue Vie Mains Hand Cream 75ml

Longue Vie Mains Hand Cream 75ml

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Rejuvenating hand care cream

Longue Vie Mains hand cream is specially formulated to fight dehydration by rapidly penetrating and hydrating the skin, making fingernails less brittle, and reducing the appearance of brown spots.


  • Protects the skin against environmental irritants
  • Keeps hands looking youthful
  • Helps brown spots disappear


  • Cellular Life Complex with 56 Active Ingredients: stimulates cell renewal.
  • Melanoxyl: fights hyperpigmentation.
  • Vitamin E: protects against environmental irritants (sun, water, etc.) due to its anti-free radical properties.
  • Liposkin: nourishes and rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
  • Hydrocyte Complex: moisturises the skin.


Apply a small amount of Longue Vie Mains on the hands and massage until the product is completely absorbed. Can be used at any time of day.

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