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Bioxygène Mist 100ml

Bioxygène Mist 100ml

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Protective anti-pollution shield

Ideal for moisturizing and caring for the skin on a daily basis, this light mist acts as an anti-pollution shield. It protects the skin from fine particles and bacteria that suffocate it and can weaken its cutaneous flora.

  • Protects the skin from various types of pollution and impurities.
  • Helps the skin to reoxygenate so that it regains its radiance.
  • Moisturizes the skin providing a soft comfortable feel.


  • The skin is effectively protected from various types of pollution and impurities
  • Reoxygenated, the skin is able to breathe freely and appears beautifully radiant
  • Moisturised, the skin feels soft and comfortable


  • PROTECTIVE “SHIELD” Purisoft (Moringa seed extract) : Creates a film that protects skin from environmental and domestic particles and other impurities by preventing their adherence to the skin’s surface.
  • DEFENSIVE “SHIELD” Purisoft (Moringa seed extract) : Boosts the skin’s biological defences by preserving the vitality of bacteria, beneficial to the skin’s biological balance.
  • RADIANT AND MOISTURISED SKIN Pro-Oxygene : Stimulates cell metabolism to restore radiance to the skin. Natural plant extract : Improves skin hydration.


  • Shake well and spray over the face from a distance of 20 cm, keeping eyes closed. Avoid contact with eyes. The convenient on-the-go size allows you to carry it with you for rapid use at any time of the day. Its lightweight texture makes it optimal for application over all creams and makeup.

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